Why Shawn?

Top 10 reasons to choose Shawn Tomkinson Photography*

10. Shawn has over 13 years of professional experience as a photographer. She has photographed over 300 unique and beautiful events in NH, VT, MA, ME, NC, and FL and is available for destination weddings. Shawn is a well-seasoned photographer that you can trust to capture your most important memories with beautiful, timeless photos that you and your loved ones will cherish for years to come.
9. Shawn is a full-time photographer and business owner. These days, most photographers have other jobs and use photography as a part-time or weekend gig to make some extra money. Photography is Shawn’s only business and her greatest passion, so all of her attention can be devoted to YOU and capturing your most precious memories!
8. Shawn completes ALL work herself, start to finish! This really sets Shawn apart from other photographers! Nowadays many photographers only shoot the wedding (or have an associate do that!) and outsource their editing. After she shoots an event like a wedding, Shawn is a perfectionist and does color correcting, retouching and editing each image individually, editing the photos herself. Images are hand-edited and delivered to her clients only after they meet Shawn’s high standards!
7. Shawn has a professional second photographer that she has worked with for 10 years! He is an amazing photographer and along with Shawn, makes the perfect team to photograph all aspects of your special day, not missing a beat. They use different lenses and photograph from different angles and perspectives to provide you with a complete and unique story of your day. Both Shawn and her second photographer have their own professional high-end equipment, insurance and back up equipment.
6. Shawn is an expert in photojournalism. Known for her unique photojournalistic style, Shawn is an expert at shooting candid photos that look natural and mirror how people look in real life. Her forte is capturing those tender moments that tell the story of people connecting with others, getting swept away by emotions, experiencing wonder and excitement, or just having fun! Shawn is also conscientious about getting photos of all the people who are special enough to share your wedding day with you.
5. Shawn specializes in formal family photos and portraits. Shawn brings the best of both worlds: candid, fun, action-packed photos and traditional, formal, and planned poses. While the majority of what Shawn photographs is documentary in nature, she also includes many formal posed photos of the “main players” to tell the full story of the day.
4. Shawn uses her intuition to capture important moments before many others even notice. Listening to your intuition is essential to being a great photographer! Quickly changing camera functions, adjusting for constantly changing lighting conditions, being able to think on her feet, finding the best locations for photos, and knowing where to be at the right time are only a few of the skills Shawn uses to be a successful photographer. Because Shawn has photographed so many weddings, all of these skills are like second nature to her. Therefore, Shawn can focus her energy on being creative and scanning the room for special moments and emotions that can be captunred to give life to a wedding story!
3. Shawn has a calming and professional presence. Connecting with your photographer on a personal level is important. Shawn will help take control of a situation so that you can relax and focus on enjoying your day. She understands the need for her subjects to feel comfortable, calm, and connected to her so that making the photos can be a seamless process during your special day. By creating a positive environment, Shawn’s calming and professional presence allows her subjects to be captured in their best light!
2. Shawn captures a timeless look with a modern style. Special moments are captured by Shawn with classic elegance in mind. Unlike many photographers, Shawn stays away from trendy re-touching techniques, over-saturated colors or vintage color casting. I can best describe her style as classic, simplistic elegance, shot with a creative eye and from a modern perspective.
1. ALL of Shawn’s packages include your high resolution files! A photographer who is willing to give you electronic copies of all the photographs is a rare find indeed! Imagine having the high resolution files of all of your photos to modify, print, and create with as often and as long as you’d like! The possibilities are limitless!
*The above  list was composed by one of Shawn’s satisfied clients.

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Shawn’s expertise and ability to capture any moment speaks for itself. What I enjoyed most though about working with Shawn was that she was so easy to work with. She’d made the evening fun and was on top of everything!! 

— Katie Meinelt